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Inaugural Vice-Chairman and Tangerang Religious Court Judges

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Inaugural Vice-Chairman and Tangerang Religious Court Judges

Located in the hall of the Office of Religious Court Jakarta (Friday, 18/11/2011)

Chairman of the Religious Tangerang Drs. H. Ambo Asse, SH., MH. Appoint Drs. H. Uyun Kamiluddin, SH., MH. As an Associate Judge President / Vice-Chairman of the Religious Courts Tangerang Class IB, and Drs. H.E. Mudjaidi Amin, SH., MH., Drs. Haryadi Hasan., MH., Drs. Soleman, MH., Drs. Aftabudin Shofari, Drs. Arwendi, as an Associate Judge on the Religious Primary Class IB Tangerang.

Ceremony was attended by Chairman of the High Court of Banten Religion (Drs.HMThahir Hasan), Vice-President of the Court of Appeal of Religious Banten (Drs. H. Muwahhidin, SH. MH.), The Clerk / Secretary of Religious Banten Superior Court (Dra. Hj. Siti Maryam ), High Court Judge Religion Banten, Chairman of the Religious Attack, Chairman of the Religious Cilegon, Chairman of the Religious Rangkasbitung, Chairman of the Religious Pandeglang, Chairman of the Religious Tigaraksa, Vice Chairman of North Jakarta, and several other guests Invitations.

Inaugural event at the beginning by starting the show Taking Oath and Inaugural Vice-Chairman of the Religious Tangerang, was opened by reading Basmalah, followed by Scripture readings of the Qur'an by brother hafifi, Lc., Followed by the swearing-vice chairman of the Religious Tangerang (Drs . uyun Kamiluddin H., SH., MH.) by the Chairman of the Religious Tangerang (Drs. H. Ambo Asse, SH., MH.). The inauguration event was followed by five judges (Drs. Mudjaidi HE Amin, SH., MH., Drs. Haryadi Hasan., MH., Drs. Soleman, MH., Drs. Aftabudin Shofari, Drs. Arwendi).

After the inauguration, proceed with the Speech from the Chairman of the Religious Tangerang Drs. H. Ambo Asse, SH., MH. and welcome to the Vice Chairman and a new judge may be able to move the task well and advance the Religious Court Jakarta, then welcome followed by the President of the Court of Appeal of Religious Banten Drs.H.M. Thahir Hasan, congratulated the Vice-Chairman and Religious Court Judges Tangerang.

The event closed with the reading of prayers led by Drs. H. Saifudin Zuhri, SH., MH., And closed by reading hamdalah. Proceed with congratulations to the Vice Chairman who has been sworn in and the judges who had been appointed by the President of the Court of Appeal begins Religious Banten, Vice President of the Court of Appeal of Religious Banten, the Judges of Appeal, High Court Pansek Religion Banten, Tangerang President of the Court with the Chief Judge of Religious Religious others, continued the Guests Invitations and all judges and employees of the Religious Tangerang.

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Ignore the Supreme Judicial Commission Recommendations

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Ignore the Supreme Judicial Commission Recommendations

Hasits Muhammad, Nur Eka Sukmawati

Supreme Court Building (VIVAnews / Nurcholis Anhari Lubis)


VIVAnews- Judicial Commission (JC) was disappointed with the attitude of the Supreme Court (MA). Therefore, many recommendations of the Judicial Commission alleged violation of code of ethics of judges who were not followed up.

"From the recommendation of sanctions period 2005 to 2010 the number reached 97, only 12 were followed up, the rest, it is not clear, and some have not responded," said Chief Judge of Supervision and Investigation KY, Suparman Marzuki in Building Judicial Commission, Central Jakarta, Friday, June 10, 2011.

Judicial Commission has filed 97 remomendasi sanctions to the Supreme Court which consists of 16 fixed stops, 36 stops temporarily, and 45 written warning.

Last Updated on Friday, 28 October 2011 03:39

Commission III of The Parliament Meeting With The Judges

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Commission III of The Parliament Meeting With The Judges, Pansek High Court/ Religious High Court and The Chairman of

District Court/Religious High Court Banten Propisi Jurisdiction
Office of the High Court in Banten
By: Drs. H. Ambo Asse, SH. MH.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011,

Team Meeting of Commission III of the House of Representatives in recess members of Parliament with the President of the Court of Appeal and High Court along with its Bantam Religion staffs consisting of Judges of Appeal, the Chairman of the District Court and the Chairman of the Religious as Banten.

Once the Team Leader of the House of Representatives Commission III (Ir. H. Tjatur Sapto Edy, MT) introduced himself along with other committee members including members of Team III (Dimiyati Natakusuma/ex. Pandeglang Regent and Adang Dorojatun (jend.) ex. Deputy chief), who welcomed by Religious High Court -Banten (Drs M. Tahir Hasan) and High Court Banten (H. Sumarno, SH) are alternately introduced the staff, who then continues with a dialogue that began with the submission of required data needs resume commission III of each justice, the focal point of the budget justice, tupoksi implementation, implementation of employee discipline, the imposition of several technical areas of criminal decisions, corruption, drugs, release of the suspect corrupt, state offices, making decisions, and judges Tipokor activities at PT. offerings, while the Religious Courts, the focal point of activity mediation/peace efforts with the data on the number of divorces caused by either a religious court lawsuit or

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Judge Inaugural Religious High PTA-Banten

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Judge Inaugural Religious High PTA-Banten

Oleh ; Drs. H. Ambo Asse, SH. MH.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011.

Religion Banten Superior Court, High Court Justices get 2 Religion is: Drs.H. Surury YS., SH and Drs.H.Ahmad Hanifah, SH, so now numbering over 10 people in the High Court PTA. Banten, a high number of judges is to convince the appeal settlement does not use a long time Technical supervision and has been able to decide the case under 6 months, as well as supervision in the field of technical and non technical ranks of the judiciary who are under the PTA. Banten can run well;

Inauguration of the high judges started from at 10.00 WIB s / d 11:00 Wib took place with full hidmat and protocol event held at the Main Meeting Room of the PTA-Banten which was attended by Head of Planning MA RI, KPTA-Jakarta, WKPTA-Bandung and the high number of judges of the PTA-Bandung, Jakarta and Banten itself, as well as the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Pansek religious courts as the PTA-Banten;

KPTA-Banten (Drs. Hasan Tahir HM) in the preface to the second task of the judge of such high, first of all like to welcome and join the ranks of PTA-Banten, the staffing data concerned is a senior judge and have experienced enough to have been exploring the territory of Indonesia of Mataram and Bandung, enough force is expected to strengthen the PTA. Banten with the empowerment of the Judges high as the front guard of the Supreme Court, conduct supervision and guidance to the judiciary that is under them, the activities of supervision and coaching is also highly dependent on PTA-Banten DIPA funds derived from the Supreme Court, in 2011 due to budget very minimal only can we do for 3 working days in each court, hopefully the fiscal year 2012 can be an adequate budget for that supervision should be done every month. Hope KPTA Banten to new judges in order to remain vibrant, comfortable, willing to work at least together with its activities on the job earlear.

After the event is finished, congratulations from all present, followed by additional events are no less important as a medium association the wake of the range of religious courts since long that often becomes an integral part in welcoming the appointment of judges or other, by playing with Tennis Tennis Friendship in the Field Indoor nuances in the Regency Attack Complex, next to the post of Governor House Banten in the East Town Square Attack, to finish;

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Working Visit KPTA-BANTEN

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By: Drs. H. Ambo Asse, SH. MH.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

KPTA working visit. Bantam (Drs HM Hassan Tahir) with Mother Pansek. PTA. Bantam (Dra. Hj. Siti Maryam) in the Religious Tangerang, just received a very good of the entire apparatus Religious Court Jakarta, feels there is enlightenment, refreshment in motivating the performance of the apparatus, especially the Religious Tangerang, near term natural changes in the working atmosphere the mutation for religious court judges judge Tangerang get into as many as six people while the mutation came out only 3 people, so it can help resolve the matter with the increase in 3 people (one assembly), and Pansek PTA KPTA Banten in Works Visits have also been brought Badilag Decree of Director General Judges of the mutations in the Religious Court Jakarta, among other judges who came out were: Drs. H. Ali Fikri, SH., MH. (Vice Chairman) mutations as Vice Chairman PA.Tasikmalaya, Dra. Jamilah ai., MH. mutation as a judge on PA.Tigaraksa and Drs. H.Z. Zainal Arifin., MH. the mutation as a judge on PA.Cianjur.


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